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This pisses me off.

Gir Disorder: Innntteeeeegrrrraaaa
Yan Valyntine: Yes?
Yan Valyntine: Lol.
Gir Disorder: =X
Gir Disorder: o.o
Gir Disorder: thats your name
Yan Valyntine: wtf.
Yan Valyntine:
Gir Disorder: wtf
Yan Valyntine: Yeah, wtf.
Yan Valyntine: xD
Gir Disorder: wtf o.o
Gir Disorder: what are you doing?
Yan Valyntine: XD
Gir Disorder: XP
Yan Valyntine: Making love to AIM.
Gir Disorder: hmm
Gir Disorder: welp
Yan Valyntine: :x
Gir Disorder: I think its best if we don talk to eachother anymore =/
Yan Valyntine: o.o;?
Yan Valyntine: Why?
Gir Disorder: cuzz, you never talk to me, and when you do you jus wonder off.. doing something else...
Gir Disorder: en yer never on furc
Yan Valyntine: So? o.o;
Yan Valyntine: I'm like that with everyone. o.o;
Gir Disorder: en you have a b/f XP
Yan Valyntine: o_O;
Yan Valyntine: ROFL.
Yan Valyntine: He doesn't talk to me much anymore. -_o;
Gir Disorder: like you said, you do that with everyone, so why would you talk to him much?
Yan Valyntine: Blah. o_o;
Yan Valyntine: I don't like Iming people first.
Gir Disorder: well yer never on furc so how am i to messege you? XP
Yan Valyntine: Furcadia is boring, though.
Gir Disorder: o.o
Gir Disorder: if its so boring why don you gimme Integra? XP
Yan Valyntine: because I won't.
Gir Disorder: why not?
Yan Valyntine: Because I'll eventually log onto Furc when I have a reason to log on.
Yan Valyntine: and I don't see you ever using your other alts.
Gir Disorder: Obviously Im not a big enough reason for you to get on... and I use my other alts everyday
Yan Valyntine: I guess you aren't. :/
Gir Disorder: fuck you
Yan Valyntine: Shouldn't I be the one saying that?
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