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Headaches suck.

Besides having a headache, I feel like randomly babbling on about something.

But what? Oh, fuck it.

Woah, this community is jumping. At least it has its first member... well, besides me. I need... MP3 goodness, preferably K-Rock, or J-Rock.

In the beginning, people had nothing. Their bodies ached, and their hearts held nothing but hatred. They fought endlessly, but death never came. They despaired, stuck in the eternal quagmire. A man offered a serpent to the sun, and prayed for salvation. A woman offered a reed to the sun, and asked for joy. Feeling pity for the sadness that overun the earth, God was born from those two people. God made time and divided it into day and night. God outlined the road to salvation and gave people joy, and God took endless time away from the people...

Oh, man, this community college I attended to today reminded me of Silent Hill. It was creepy.
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